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Snow, sleet & service excellence

For most, a snowy forecast means hunkering down and staying inside, but for many municipal employees it means gearing up and getting out there to face mother nature head on.

Throughout these weather events, Winter Operations crews work around the clock clearing snow and mitigating icy conditions.

Did you know?

With each weather event, crews are responsible for approximately 3,800 lane kilometres of streets, about 1,000 kilometres of sidewalks and 2,295 bus stops across the region.

The team at Halifax Transit also continues to do an incredible job managing snow plans to ensure citizen and employee safety and satisfaction.

To all of the municipal employees across the organization who have and continue to play a role in delivering services and staying on top of citizen inquiries during the winter months – thank you!

See a sampling of community kudos that citizens have shared over the past few weeks. Express your gratitude by leaving a note in the comments section below.

There was a snow bank that made it hard for me to manage since I use a walker. Please thank the young gentleman bus driver who got out of the bus to assist and help me get over the snow bank and onto his bus.

  • Citizen caller

The [Transit] driver did a great job driving in the snow. I felt safe and wanted to commend him on his driving in such bad conditions.

  • Citizen caller

Compliments to the snow plow driver who worked over the January 22-23 snowfall. A huge effort was made to clean around cars that were impeding snow removal.

  • Citizen caller

This is just a quick line to pass on a “Thank you” to the snow removal operators…The driver that did this area did a really great job at widening the driving area on narrow streets. This clearing was done quickly and thoroughly.

  • Citizen email

Compliments on the sidewalk clearing in my area…They have done a great job this year and I am very happy with the work done from last Friday's storm.

  • Citizen caller

Editor’s note: Some comments have been edited for consistency and clarity. Many thanks to 311 for their efforts to support citizen inquiries, and for documenting and sharing these accolades.

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