At your service

Performance excellence. Continuous improvement. Customer service. These terms are likely more familiar to you now than they were just a year ago. But they’re much more than just topics to discuss at team meetings. They’re at the core of our journey to becoming a public-sector organization that strives for excellence in all that we do.

Of course, performance excellence is not new. Teams of dedicated employees across our organization have been demonstrating it in their daily activities long before we formalized it as a corporate priority. Performance excellence is now a systematic and strategic way for us all to deliver on our municipal priorities of Service Delivery and Service Excellence, by providing efficient, effective and sustainable delivery of services that respond to our customers’ needs, while simultaneously lowering delivery costs.

From the roads and rides we share, to the public spaces and culture we enjoy, and the essential services we access – municipal programs and services impact the lives of our customers, arguably more than any other level of government.

For this reason, municipalities must strive for continuous improvement with a goal of excellence and we must recognize providing exceptional customer service as both a priority and a personal responsibility.

A team of staff from across the organization have developed a Corporate Customer Service Strategy (CCSS) – our roadmap to understanding and meeting customers’ needs, and to building a performance excellence culture within our organization. It focuses on providing easy, convenient service to citizens whether they choose to interact with us online, in person, by phone, or by correspondence.

To help bring the CCSS to life, we have developed Customer Service Guidelines, which highlight some of the tools available when interacting with our diverse customer base.

These documents underscore the importance of providing our customers with the service they need, when they need it. We must ensure that our customers are informed about the programs and services we offer, and we must measure the quality of their customer experience, so we can take appropriate steps to improve it as necessary.

In today’s environment, citizens and stakeholders expect quick, accurate and consistent answers from government agencies. No matter who your customer is, or what service you are providing, I encourage you to consider how you will use these resources to deliver high-value results for citizens and colleagues.

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