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A re-developed training opportunity to support Regional Council report writing

Effective, well-written reports are essential in supporting Regional Council as they make important decisions that impact our region.

That’s why Report Center staff from my office, Hannah Forsyth and Sarah Jane Angevine, recently launched a re-developed, two-part training opportunity, Writing Reports for Council, to assist staff with report writing. Whether you’re a seasoned author or a new employee, the training is beneficial to anyone involved in the report writing process.

This training opportunity is a collaborative effort between People, Communications & IT (PCIT) and the CAO’s Office, and incorporates feedback received from staff across the organization. Thank you to those involved in re-developing this important training!

What will you learn through this training?

Participants will learn:

  • The report production workflow and where you fit into the process, including how to get started when a report is assigned.
  • An overview of all sections of the report template to best present relevant information to Council, including standardization and helpful tips.
  • Recent report initiatives, such as the added lenses of Diversity & Inclusion and Regulatory Modernization.

Participants will also be provided with a practical report writing guide.

Who could benefit from this training?

Along with report writers, this training is also incredibly valuable for support staff that are involved in moving reports through the process - from the initial request to the final approval stage. Colleagues are encouraged to take this training together, especially if you collaborate on reports or are looking to create internal procedures. It is also encouraged that participants take the companion module (Part II), Helpful Writing Techniques for Effective Reports.

To sign-up for Writing Reports for Council training, please see the corporate training calendar for upcoming opportunities on October 7 and 19.

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