Celebrating Excellence

Recognizing some of the municipality's projects, programs and partnerships to show how we are making a difference and living our Plan on a Page.

Recognizing some of the municipality's projects, programs and partnerships to show how we are making a difference and living our Plan on a Page.

  • Show your local love – United Way Halifax campaign update

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    United Way Halifax (UWH) is changing lives and supporting local programs and services that help people in our community live their best lives. Whether that is by providing safe and supportive housing, creating possibilities for connection and belonging, or ensuring kids and youth have access to educational and leadership opportunities – UWH ensures that help is available when people need it most.

    Year after year, municipal employees demonstrate their generosity and compassion for community through their support of the United Way Halifax.

    This year’s United Way Halifax campaign kicked off with a splash, as our 14-person team of HRM Harbour Heroes jumped in and swam the 1500-meter distance across the Harbour, raising over $7,000 in support of our overall goal for United Way Halifax.

    It’s great to see employees taking such initiative to organize activities in support of UWH, including the annual Softball Tournament happening this Saturday, October 6, on the Halifax Common. Special events like these will be happening throughout the year and are a terrific way to raise awareness, fill our workplace with energy and build excitement about our United Way Halifax campaign.

    Maggie MacDonald, Managing Director, Government Relations and External Affairs, and Jerry Blackwood, Acting Director of Finance and Asset Management/CFO, recently stepped up to be our UWH campaign co-chairs. They are committing their time and talents to help us reach our fundraising goal that’s inspired by the difference it will make in the lives of people who depend on UWH’s help the most. However, this target won’t be realized without the support of all of you.

    As our fundraising efforts ramp up over the next few months, there will be lots of opportunities to participate and to donate. One of the simplest ways to take part is through our annual employee payroll contribution campaign. Look for details on how you can donate to the United Way Halifax through payroll deduction in the coming weeks.

    Together, let’s keep up the great work and continue to show our local love.

  • Auditor General essential to continuous improvement

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    The role of the municipality’s Auditor General (AG) is critical to upholding the integrity and accountability of our public service, and our efforts to continuously improve.

    I recently met with our current AG, Evangeline Colman-Sadd. Since taking over leadership in 2016, the AG’s Office has released five audit reports with a total of 60 recommendations. The municipality has provided management responses agreeing to address all of these recommendations with associated action plans to realize successful outcomes.

    According to a recent staff report to the Audit and Finance Standing Committee, the municipality has successfully implemented 26 of the 28 recommendations provided in the May 2018 AG report on Procurement. This is a significant accomplishment for our Procurement group and these improvements will be felt across the organization.

    While we are making progress, we recognize that there are still AG recommendations yet to be addressed, and so we must remain diligent to ensure any outstanding concerns identified by the AG’s Office are resolved.

    Relying on the objective, fact-based information and expert advice from Evangeline and her team will help the municipality improve our services, programs and offerings, with an eye to better efficiency and effectiveness. I look forward to continuing to collaborate with the AG’s team on matters that will benefit all of our customers.

Page last updated: 23 September 2021, 15:47